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Yes, it’s 2022 and we all agree that tough and testing times lie ahead. The need for fair, honest and ethical recruitment agencies will be even greater. Jess McPherson saw this as the ideal time to break away and start up on her own. With an established and highly regarded background in Agency, Development and Property Recruitment, Jess and her husband Ross felt they wanted to create their own business which would reflect their own personal standards and ideals. It’s a very exciting prospect for them and their aim is to deliver the best talent at a fair and honest price.


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Co Founder

Close Tell me about yourself
  • My name is Ross and I’m the Co-Founder here at The Recruitment Lounge, I come from a football/coaching background, travelling, and working with players from all over the world. I’ve founded a few businesses over the years but launching The Recruitment Lounge with Jess during the pandemic was tough, but a great achievement. I am the proud father to Cody and work with my best mate aka the MRS.
What do like about working for The Recruitment Lounge?
  • Watching the business grow, and opening doors for new opportunities.
Who would you invite onto your talk show and why?
  • Tony Robbins and ask a million questions!
What do you pretend to hate but actually love?
  • Any food that Jess asks me to try
If you didn’t have to work, what would you do with your time?
  • Move close to a beach, and enjoy a stress-free life with my family
Tell us two truths and a lie?
  1. I have terrible OCD
  2. I made someone a sandwich filled with cat food
  3. I hate flying
Spring, summer, fall or winter?
  • Winter – Christmas is the best time of the year!
What’s your favourite food?
  • Pizza!


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