TeamTRL Christmas Fundraiser for the Rainbow Trust 2020

2020 what a year you have been!

With a glimmer of hope this was all going to be over by Christmas, but sadly it would seem that the “new normal” is going to be around for some time!

Christmas is a time for children to witness “magic”, for families and loved ones to come together, to enjoy the festivities, over-indulge and spread joy…

But for many, this isn’t the case.

16th March 2020 the world changed as we knew it, and we all had to do our part to protect the vulnerable, but by doing this, people lost their jobs and struggled to support their families, all help faded away due to lockdown, critically sick children were missing out on treatments, parents couldn’t freely visit their children in fear the virus could (and most certainly would) spread.

Families have and still are feeling the financial strains that COVID-19 has brought upon us, and whilst we sit in our warm homes, surrounded by home comforts and life’s luxuries, with some fortunate enough to have savings or a secure job, there are families out there who need support and are praying for a miracle.

When we started TRL, it was so important for us to do more than just recruitment. Being new parents ourselves to a beautiful baby boy, we too felt the strain with a lack of support during lockdown, and the struggles we faced were challenging, but we always knew they were only temporary, it breaks our hearts to see and hear what some families are going through, whilst trying to care for their poorly child.

We have created this crowdfunder page to raise as much money as possible to donate to the Rainbow Trust on the 1st December, to help give families that extra support.

Time spent as a family is precious, more so at Christmas, and even more so when a child is seriously ill.

ANY donation at all WILL make a difference.

Help us give more families the greatest gift of all this Christmas – time together.

“Rainbow Trust supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life threatening or terminal illness and need the bespoke support we offer. Our Family Support Workers provide a life line to these families and children. We support the whole family including parents, carers, the unwell child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. They bring support and help to families who so desperately need it at home, in hospital and in the community. Any family can receive support from the moment of their child or young person’s diagnosis.

We are not a helpline, or a website. Our Family Support Workers are real human being who sticks with them every step of the way. Who’s there for them whether that means holding their hand in a hospital appointment, interpreting medical jargon or doing the food shop.

To the family of a seriously ill child, time is everything. Not just for tests, and treatment, and care. But for precious everyday stuff, so that even in the shadow of serious illness, a family can still be a family.”